It’s not selfish, it’s necessary.


So on Sunday we were talking about how it all starts with you, and how important your relationship with yourself is. You need to be happy within – with who you are – to be truly happy, and even to be able to love fully. Because if you’re not happy within, then no matter how high a piedestal someone puts you on, you’re never going to feel that true bliss and complete happiness.

sudheer jaat

My name is sudheer choudhary, a hopeful dream chaser, and i’m here to show you how to get the life you’ve always dreamed oft check out the “About” Page for more info.

Only you can make sure that you are as happy and as loved as you deserve to be.

Now, many people think finding the one true love is going to make everything better and that it’s going to complete your life and just magically solve all your problems.

Trust me when I say that it won’t.

And this is all coming from a person who is madly in love with her partner and thinks the world of him. My partner is literally my perfect man. But if it wasn’t for the fact that I had worked really hard on myself, and my attitude towards life and love – realizing that it was up to me all along to sew myself back together when I ripped at the seems – before I met him, I’m not sure that our meeting would have been as amazing and wonderful as it was and still is.

In order to fully love another being, you first and foremost need to love yourself.

So… As I promised in that last post, I have direct advice and a little practice for you to try out today, in order to improve your relationship with yourself……

What you’re going to need:

  • A pen (preferrably a pretty one!)
  • A piece of paper
  • Some quiet alone time

What we’re going to do now is make a list, with points from 1-10. And then you are going to write down (in order!) the ten attributes and personality traits that you like the most about yourself. It’s completely up to you what you choose (and you never have to show this to anyone – unless you want to – so pressure off those shoulders!), but it is important that there is ten of them and that you rank them, with the very best ones at the top! So take your time and sort them out how you prefer them.

Best is if you do this exercise now, before you continue reading.

So… Did you make your list? Do you have the ten best attributes, ordered in the way you like them the best, from 1-10?


Great, in fact! You’ve done an awesome job and should be proud of yourself! If I could, I’d totally high-five you right now. (But go ahead and self-five. You’ve earned it.)

Here’s my list:

2016-07-18 15.23.59

The reason I wanted you to write ten traits and put them in order, is because that had you, for at least 15 minutes or so, focusing on yourself and your own very best traits. Hopefully, you enjoyed it, and maybe it was even a hard time for you to sort them out in the “right” order? Or perhaps you came to think of more than ten?

If you did, that is absolutely brilliant, and I won’t hold you to it for “breaking the rules”. That just means you’re on the right track of feeling good about yourself!

Now, put your list somewhere you can see it every day. It can be the wall of your bedroom, your bathroom mirror, the back of your front door or even your wallet. But make sure to look at it every day, and feel great about who you are!

Because you are amazing!

Never ever let anyone tell you differently.

Endless love,


PS. Feel free to share your list in the comments – but only if you want to! I’d love to know them, and get to know you better!:)

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