I’m Sorry I Lied…………Dhaapo :)

I don’t know how to do it,
But I got to do right,
I need to say I’m sorry,
I don’t want to see us fight.
I’m staring at the clouds,
I sit and reminisce,
I remember all the good times we had
I remember our first kiss
I don’t want to have to end it,
I don’t want to see it go free,
I want to be able to feel you lips
Not just in my dreams,
Although I constantly dream of you,
It just doesn’t seem enough,
I want to see you face,
I want to feel your touch,
I want you in my bed,
Hugging and kissing me,
I want you in my bed,
Making love to me,
I miss all the times we’ve shared
And I can’t stand to let it go,
Over something that I did
I really went down low,
I shared a kiss with someone else,
When I should only be kissing you,
And right after I did that
I felt I wasn’t true,
Even though he kissed me,
And I didn’t kiss him back,
My mistake was,
Not moving and stepping back,
It meant absolutely nothing,
When his lips were touching mine,
I could only see your face,
Running through my mind,
But out of everything I did the most,
The real reason why I cried,
Instead of being honest
I sat there and I lied,
Damn I want to turn back time,
And just tell you what went down,
I wouldn’t be writing this,
I wouldn’t have this frown,
You’d be able to trust me,
You wouldn’t want to leave,
I would be able to hold a smile,
I’d be able to breathe,
Because I did that one thing,
My life is just mess,
Because I lied to you,
I’m suffering from stress,
I’m suffering from a broken heart,
Because I broke yours,
But then karma came and turned on me,
And you messed with other girls,
Damn that really hurt me,
But I really do get why,
Why you did that to me,
Why you made me cry,
I know those other girls meant nothing,
They were just revenge,
Well it really worked,
I’m not going to pretend,
Pretend that I’m not jealous,
Because I really am,
I don’t even know the girl,
And she got me saying damn,
I wish I wouldn’t have lied to you,
I want to make it work
I want to be your only one,
I don’t want to have to search,
Search for a different man,
Cause I only want you
But when I close my eyes,
And I open and your not there,
A tear runs down my face,
I can’t act like I don’t care,
And I hope you come back,
And forgive me for what I’ve done,
Give me another chance,
Give me this last one.

Akku  :)
Akku 🙂

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