True Love…….Husband comes home drunk

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Husband comes home drunk and breaks some crockery, vomits n falls down on d floor.

Wife pulls him up and cleans everything. Next day wen he gets up he expects her to be
really angry with him. He prays that they should not have a fight.

He finds a note near the table…”Honey..your favorite break fast is ready on the table,

I had to leave early to buy grocery… i’ll cum running back to you, my love. I love you. … ”

He gets surprised and asks his son..,’what happened last night..?’

Son told…,” when mom pulled you 2 bed and tried removing your boots and shirt.. you were dead drunk and you said……”Hey Lady ! Leave Me Alone…I M Married !!!”” — :)

Jaat Saab
Jaat Saab

So I request you frnzz neva cheat your bf/gf/husband/wife

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