This Summer In New York.

What can I say about my eight year collaboration with Jeffery F. Barken?

I first met Jeff in 2007. He was a student hitchhiking around Ireland. My Aunt picked him up and brought him home. We sat and talked about our hobbies, studies and plans for the future. I could tell even then that Jeffrey was more serious about his writing than most kids his age.

We stayed in touch and, a few years later, he contacted me regarding his new idea for a magazine called, a global project that would facilitate collaboration between different artistic disciplines. I’d never heard of anything like it before.

I suppose the work we have since embarked on together can be viewed as a trilogy.

The first completed collaborative project on was Mackerel. Jeff wrote a story inspired by his time in Galway and I painted two corresponding oil on canvas pictures. The result was a three dimensional, interactive experience. Jeff wrote the story in short installments and I sketched the action and experimented. The final paintings were organic in their conception and by the time we finished the project we better understood each other’s work and creative process.


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