Don’t Lose Sleep Over It

(My husband is off to the hospital for an overnight sleep study to diagnose possible sleep apnea. I am being a worried wife and fussing before he leaves.)

Me: “Do you have your pj’s and toothbrush?”

Husband: “Yep.”

Me: “Do you have your Kindle and phone and charger?”

Husband: “Yes, yes, yes!” *smiles at my worrying*

Me: “Okay… Oh, do you have—”

Husband: “I am only going for one night, love.”

Me: “But I feel like I am sending you to your first sleep-away camp and I’m nervous!”

Husband: “Don’t worry; the other kids will like me.”

Me: “The other kids will watch you sleep and count how many times you stop breathing!”

Husband: “…”

Me: *cackles and shuts the front door*


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