New Quotes

Each Day I Meet Someone New..


Never Find Any 0ther
Like “YOU” …
The World Is Full 0f People..

Its True
Yet No 0ne Ever Equals To”YOU”


BOy: Thiz iZ The bEst pArt oF the dAy,,,,???

Girl: wat pArt is That..??

BOy: WheN “you” nd “Me” Becum “wE” ◕


My words may fall short to describe what I feel for you but my thoughts about you are endless


Why I am so afraid to lose you even you are not mine.


Never COmpare Y0ur Life Story With Th0Se In The MOvieS,
BeCauSe They Are Written By SCriptWriterS,
AnD, OurS Is Written By Almighty God


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