From a girl’s diary

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From a girls diary………this wat each n every girl
want to say…….
Must Read plz
I don’t know why is it so difficult to differentiate
between an ‘object’ and a female?
I have heard boys refer to woman as ‘samaan’,
‘maal’, ‘cheez’, ‘item’, and when confronted about
the same the justification I recieve is even more
astonishing, “itna toh chalta hai yaar…maal hii toh
bola hai….rape toh nahi kiya.”
If this continues, I won’t be surprised if in the
coming times even rape will attain a ‘chalta-hai-
yaar’ status.
Yes we like being appreciated. Yes we like
receiving compliments. Call us beautiful. Call us
intelligent. But no! maal, cheez, item, samaan,
these are not compliments. Save these terms for
actual ‘objects’ .
It is totally uncool and disrespectful. Stop deriving
fun from it. Even if you are talking amongst ur guy-
Do you ever say sumthing like, “yaar aaj meri
behen maast samaan lag rhi hai.” or have u even
dare tried to say to ur frend, ” bhai, aaj teri behen
kamaal ka maal lag rahi hai.” ?
Your sister is a girl. Your friend’s sister is a girl.
And the rest of the girls are NOT objects.
They are girls too.
Same goes for the girls too. Stop being flattered on
recieving such comments. Being called an item or
maal should not make you smile sheepishly. It
should enrage you, disgust you.
There are other more flattering adjectives you can
use for a woman than maal/samaan/totta.
Appreciate us as humans and you might stand a
chance of receiving a decent ‘Thank you’ in return.
Appreciate me as an object and Ill show you,
that’s what I’m not.

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